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2:00 PM - 3:30 PM



Runtime: 3:48


Andrea Casadio


To design ski slope, to create them with your hands and to pat them every night in order to have them perfect in the morning: this is the job of a snow groomer driver. Oscar spent his whole life combing the mountains: his biggest reward is to be the first to get on the just made slope. Shot in Cortina D'Ampezzo, on the Dolomites, MOUNTAINEERS is the first episode of a portraits series.  It's about unusual and silent figures who usually are hidden in the back, but who represent the site soul: the mountain in its everyday robe. A robe that falls on the mountain shape like snow on rocks.

I've loved cameras and computers ever since I was a child. I entered this profession when I was 12, playing with my first digital camera and cutting and pasting shots on my laptop. While I was attending the Academy of Art, I was fortunate enough to attend the 67th Venice Film Festival as a film assistant, and as I grew up and became a professional, I realized how much I enjoyed shooting and editing and spending hours in the darkness carrying out colour correction. Before becoming a director, I worked in various positions. I've travelled to many parts of the world to work on commercials, documentaries and industrial videos for brands like Red Bull, Nivea, Mondelez, Emirates, Luxottica, Google and Timberland.




Runtime: 5:21


Michael Szpakowski
United Kingdom


The house is an extension of a sound work  (for narrator, metronome piano, four french horns and electronic manipulation) I made about the house I grew up in, in the northern English city of Sheffield. The visuals are deliberately austere in an attempt to create a kind of intensely focussed hybrid of sound work, film and short story.

Michael Szpakowski is an artist, composer & writer His music has been performed all over the UK, in Russia & the USA. He has exhibited work in galleries in the UK, mainland Europe & the USA. His short films have been shown throughout the world.




Runtime: 8:38


Ingrid Stobbe


As we travel a great distance with a woman one night on the subway, we're provided a rare opportunity to share moments of quiet and introspection with another person. And perhaps, as perspectives shift and angles change, in the process we learn something about ourselves and what we choose to see and not see when we encounter other people.

Director Ingrid Stobbe is a Visual Media Artist and Visiting Professor of Visual and Sound Media at Seton Hall University. She creates a diverse range of artwork including both narrative and experimental pieces that challenge the capabilities of film and video by addressing the material as a physical, tangible element first and most importantly. Subsequent choices incorporate different media elements and genres while maintaining the unique properties of the included mediums, commenting on form and its implications with regard to the human experience.

Selfiesism - Dance Duet 1.jpg


Runtime: 5:03

Daphna Mero


Two dancers: one in Jerusalem the other in NYC, meet in a virtual space. Each dances a solo in a faraway space while imagining dancing in a synchronized duet. The aesthetic of the Selfie frames their communication and which, in turn creates a new language that goes beyond the self.  Selfiesism- Dance Duet explores and challenges the current craze of Selfie - the overused self-portrait of a meticulously chosen pose of a face. Using the Selfie language the work is shot as a continual video thus capturing more than the standard single moment. The resulting image, free from conventional aesthetics, portrays a multidimensional self, accompanied by site and body-specific sound and music.  

Daphna Mero is a film director, choreographer and a professional dancer who splits her time between New York and Jerusalem. She holds a B.Dance from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, a film diploma from Minshar for Art, Tel-Aviv and MFA in Film/Video from MassArt, Boston. Her work draws inspiration from locations, spaces, and sites. They deal with the human experience via a novel medium, which incorporates visual art and dance.

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Run time: 12:00

Nick Jordan
Jacob Cartwright
United Kingdom


Stratum is a film that navigates through post-industrial landscapes on the European Route of Industrial Heritage, from Britain’s abandoned South Yorkshire coal seams to the culturally re-purposed collieries of the Ruhr Valley, Germany, via the former coal-mining region of Wallonia, Belgium. Contrasting the past and present, contemporary scenes are combined with archival film material, alongside audio narration from Miserie au Borinage (directed by Henri Storck and Joris Ivens, 1934), made in the depths of the Great Depression.  Stratum frames the industrial, social and ecological genealogy of a pan-European region, capturing the environmental and structural transformation of post-industrial sites, where particular flora and fauna species have colonised the disturbed landscape.  Stratum is a companion film to the artists’ two-screen 40 minute work Strata, commissioned by contemporary art agency Arts & Heritage.

Jacob Cartwright and Nick Jordan's collaborative practice is cross-disciplinary, encompassing video, drawing, painting, photography, objects, publications and events. From invasive species and ancient oaks to ornithologist explorers and marginal communities, their work freely combines elements from the natural world with our multifaceted social or cultural histories. Cartwright & Jordan's work has been exhibited widely, through exhibitions, film festivals, international residencies and public commissions, including at ICA, London; Innsbruck International Biennale; Kunstmuseum, Bonn; Documenta, Madrid; Musée du Quai Branly, Paris; Headlands Center for the Arts, San Francisco. The artists are based in Manchester, UK.

Public Domain Promo Still 01.jpg


Run time: 4:33

Jason Britski

"Public Domain" is a found footage project made from public domain archival material that is an exploration, and a reaction to the turbulent times we find ourselves in. 

Jason Britski is an independent filmmaker who resides in Regina, SK, Canada. His films and videos have been screened around the world in such cities as Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, Rotterdam, and Toronto (screened at approximately 300 venues in 42 countries). In the past twenty two years he has made 24 experimental films, produced and directed two documentary TV series, and the feature length documentary “Voice from the Wilderness”. Jason has worked in a variety of positions in the film industry as a producer, director, cinematographer, videographer, sound recordist, and as a picture editor. Jason is currently a member of the Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative, Blackchair Distribution, and the Canadian Filmmakers' Distribution Centre.


prosperity-still 2.jpeg


Run time: 14:56

Christopher Lusk

Prosperity is a film that immerses the viewer in an Appalachian community using elements of documentary and experimental film. Located in the mountains of Appalachia, Bluefield, West Virginia saw unprecedented growth during the coal boom of the early 20th Century. A dwindling population and limited economic development has left the city at a crossroads with the decline of coal in the region.

Christopher D. Lusk is a filmmaker and native of West Virginia.  Although primarily self-taught, he is the recipient of the Certificate in Documentary Arts from Duke University where the focus of his studies was on documentary filmmaking.  Through the combination of multiple elements and genres, including documentary and experimental, his stories have ranged from intimate, personal portraits to the narratives of entire communities.  In 2017 he released Prosperity, a film that immerses the viewer in the once thriving Appalachian community of Bluefield, West Virginia and explores the rich history of the city while confronting the realities of its present.  The film is in the midst of a successful film festival run, having won winning multiple awards while screening at the likes of the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival and on PBS.

Emanations Still#2.jpg


Run time: 4:37

Patrick Jenkins

An abstract movie about the relentless cycle of life, including growth and decay, and wonder and awe.

Patrick Jenkins is an award winning artist, animator and documentary filmmaker. His latest film “Emanations: A Visual Poem” was completed in 2017. His 2015 film “Phantom City” has been shown in Film Festivals all over the world. He was a Special Guest Filmmaker at: the 2013 Melbourne International Animation Festival, Melbourne, Australia; the 2012 London International Animation Festival, London, U.K.; and in 2011 at Anima VI, the Córdoba International Animation Festival, in Córdoba, Argentina; screening his movies and conducting workshops in animation.

Kanne 2.jpeg

Right Turn



Caroline Rumley                                  Run time: 6:00

A woman drives home from a dinner date along a path she knows like the back of her hand. She does everything like she usually does, but today, something is different. Today a police car follows her and eventually pulls her over. Though she hasn’t done anything she thinks is wrong, she is arrested and taken to jail for turning left. Her crime is that her license tag is from California and this is the eve of Trump’s visit. Due to fear of possible ramifications, this short documentary film was filmed in such a way as to protect the identity of the woman involved.

Caroline is a multi-modal storyteller. She is interested in the visual narrative in its many forms, especially what Malcolm Gladwell calls a “thin-sliced” instance, that brief flash that tells you all you need to know. Her experimental documentaries, videographic criticism, and poetry films have screened in the US and Europe at galleries, festivals, and online journals. She works in Atlanta, where she lives with her family.



Jason Robinson                                    Run time: 8:17
USA                                                      Website

Walkalong is an experimental observational documentary that follows a police officer on his Friday night shift and into the next morning as his leisure time and work life begin to blur together. sound: Nathan Halverson

Jason Robinson makes films, videos, sounds, photographs, performances and gifs about family, friends, and the materiality of analog video signals. He is an assistant professor of Digital Art at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, VA.