Venus in Aquarius. Chapter II: Ana

Run time: 7:27

David Silva

Ana dances in her erotic universe, in spaces that manifest themselves from her own memories and sensations. This short film is based on the intimate experience of a woman whose sexuality is disputed between the pleasure and the anguish she experiences due to the impossibility of having an orgasm. Ana is movement, sound, matter and space. Her body goes through different states that represent the cyclic stages of a process of contact, sexual arousal and failure at the peak of pleasure. Ana seeks in her privacy a way of feeling herself, of establishing a relationship with her body, her past and her desires.

David Silva, Bogotá, 1992. Experimental animator, motion designer and creative director. His artistic training has been based on academic and empirical processes that have allowed him to have diverse perspectives of filmmaking. His explorations in the audiovisual field have always been influenced by a self-critical and risky thinking. In 2010, he found in experimental cinema the best way to express his ideas and make film discourses according to his conception of the world. In that same year, he made several exercises that mix the academic and empirical dynamics, as well as a wide range of techniques and aesthetics of traditional and digital animation that roam between 2D and 3D.


Run time: 7:31

Shon Kim

BOOKANIMA, a compound word of ‘Book’ and ‘Anima’, is Experimental Animation to give new cinematic life to book. It aims to create ‘Book Cinema’ in the third scope between Book and Cinema. Animation links Book to Cinema. Along the way, it experiments Locomotion based on Chronophotography Animation, paying homage for Edward Muybridge and Entienne Jules-Marey.

SHON KIM majored in Fine Art at School of the Art Institute of
Chicago, MFA of Experimental Animation at CalArts, and Ph.D of Animation Theory at Chung-Ang University.


Bird Breakfast

Run time: 2:00


Owen Roberts
United States


A bird considers breakfast.

Bio: Owen Roberts is an artist and educator based in Brooklyn, New York. He works with language, text, animation and interaction. Some recent works include drawings of animals discussing their sleeping and eating habits, a story about hotdogs and language generating computer programs. His website is


Deep love

Run time: 14:00

Mykyta Lyskov


Deep love has finally happened in Ukraine

Bio: 1983 born in Ukraine
2012 - graduate Kyev cinema and television University (director of animated film)
live and work in Dnipro (Ukraine)



Desire on the Surface of the Skin

Run time: 2:42




Halloween Treasure

Run time: 3:15

Kenneth Cassidy Tyner
United States

A trick-or-treater discovers treasure on Halloween.

Bio: Ken C. Tyner is a structural designer by day and an animator by night. He was born in New Jersey in 1993, but was raised for most of his life in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia. From an early age, he was always interested in stop motion after being entranced by the amazing worlds of "Wallace and Gromit" and "Chicken Run."


Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 11.01.26 PM.png


Run time: 9:00


Cesar Diaz Melendez


Life can arise anywhere, nature behave strangely and days can last for minutes. Although everything is familiar to us, nothing is what it seems in this place. The cycle of life seen from a different perspective. Stop motion animation on nature.

Bio: Animator with a 24 years of experience. His works include animation techniques with sand and puppets. He started as 2D animator in Madrid, Spain, working on TV series, and now he is specialized in Stop motion animation, working on Feature films for:
Isle of Dogs by Wes Anderson, My life as a Zucchini by Claude Barras, Anomalisa by Charlie Kaufman, ParaNorman by Laika or Frankenweenie by Tim Burton.
Meanwhile he works on his own short films like: Muedra (2019), Zepo (2014), Atormenta (2015), No corras tanto (2009)


Pao Pae Still 2 300dpi.png

Pao Pae

Run time: 4:03

Bruno Quast


The animation is about a poem. The poem is about a memory, a memory about a friend, monkeys, and the spoons of a woman.
Mainly it's about chilling out in nice things such as waves and the wind.

Bruno Quast an animation master student currently based in Tallinn, after being educated in clas-sical piano, contemporary art, digital video and sound.



The Pattern

Run time: 6:57

Azad Jannati

This short film is inspired by the real events pertaining to the 1988 chemical attack of Halabja, Iraq. The film captures the last moments of a traditional rug being woven, as the rug weaver reflects on her feelings and what she has been through; although in reality not all the patterns in her mind have made it to the rug.

Bio: My Name is Azad Jannati from Iran_Kurdistan_Sanandaj, graduated from directing of cinema in Art University Of Tehran in 2004 , I have been working in animation field since 2002 as an independent film maker and animator, My first language is Kurdish

Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 1.01.03 AM.png


Run time: 2:25

Edward Morin and his students
United States

Rotoscope animation created by students in Experimental Animation at Sam Houston State University. Animated by: Julien Anderson, Jennifer Beltran, Quinton Butler, Joshua Cook, Austin Culver, Cayla Dodd, Railey Easterly, Karolina Gonzalez, Steven Jaco, Blair Jenkins, Travis King, Michael Nguyen, Emily Scurlock, Joseph Trevino, Leo Vargas, Andrew Warren. Faculty Advisor: Edward Morin

The Spirit Seam

Run time: 14:52

Ashley Gerst
United States

The Spirit Seam is a short animated film about a little girl, Pollywog, and her Pap-Paw. Located in an Appalachain coal-mining town in the 1950s, the film takes the audience through the daily life of both characters. At the start of the film, the characters eat breakfast together and then travel to their respective locations - Pollywog is dropped off at school, and Pap-Paw clocks into work at the Hiraethsburg coal mine. Throughout the film they experience the simple pleasures of rural Appalachian life: catching fireflies, fishing, catching frogs, and birthdays. Pap-Paw and Pollywog's bond is incredibly strong. In fact, they are inseparable until illness threatens to fracture their small family.

This film is an homage to Gerst's maternal side and their origins working in Southwestern Pennsylvania. It is a piece rooted not only in family roots and origin, but in grief over the loss of family members as well.

The Spirit Seam combines a mixture of animation mediums. The characters have been 3D modeled and animated in Audodesk Maya while the elemental effects are created in the 2D Animation software Toonboom Harmony. The sets are created physically, and are created in a variety of ways: 3D printing, embroidery, felted yarn, and sculptural techniques.

Bio: I am a 3D, 2D and stop motion animator based out of Brooklyn, NY. Originally from Ohio, I received my BFA in Digital Arts from Cleveland Institute of Art in 2007. Afterward, I went on to receive my MFA in Computer Art from School of Visual Arts in 2011. My artwork is defined by a question I ask myself at the start of every new project: “How can I combine all of the things I love?”


Swimming Through Cubic Gates

Run time: 4:13

Wenli Fei
United States

We are thinking of face recognition as new data in the age of technological domination. There is the inescapable argument of what constitutes as security and what constitutes surveillance. Can surveillance techniques be used to surveil themselves? What happens when it is purposely abstracted? What is the logical limit it can be pushed to? And what happens when facial recognition data transcends that limit? Here we draw a circular narrative, one that may ultimately have no end.

Poster 12efd3b718-poster.jpg

What Stays

Runtime: 4:13

Danet Grabbe
United States

We are thinking of face recognition as new data in the age of technological domination. There is the inescapable argument of what constitutes as security and what constitutes surveillance. Can surveillance techniques be used to surveil themselves? What happens when it is purposely abstracted? What is the logical limit it can be pushed to? And what happens when facial recognition data transcends that limit? Here we draw a circular narrative, one that may ultimately have no end.

Fox Spirit

Run time: 4:45

Min Ding
United States

Fox Spirit is a stop motion animation based on the Chinese novel Liaozhai. The story follows a shop owner, a fox who transforms into a woman, and collects beautiful male customers to turn them into mannequins. Through the lens of intersectional feminism I revisit and recontextualize a traditional Chinese mythological story using animation.

I hope that my audience, especially Chinese audiences, will think about women's identity and reconsider cosmetic alterations, as well as the current prevailing aesthetic standards. I hope they realize that the standard of beauty is not unique, and accept people who look different. There is no one perfect face. Let the tale of Fox Spirit wield you away from making superficial assumptions.

Min Ding (b. Shan Dong, China) lives and works in New York. BFA at Central Academy of Fine Art, Printmaking. MFA at School of Visual Art, Fine Art.

Black Dog

Run time: 15:00

Joshua Tuthill
United States

Utilizing archival footage and stop-motion animation, Black Dog is set during the US and USSR space race of the 1960's amidst a time of heated social and political tension. Two brothers must deal with the sudden loss of their parents. As one falls into the darkness of a troubled marriage, the other must find an escape from the evil that is devouring his family.

Joshua's work has focused on existential sub-conscious narratives, with an emphasis on human kind's interaction with the world around him/her. His recent work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally including Academy Award qualifying festivals such as the 11th Anim'est International Animation Film Festival, Bucharest, Romania, the 9th International Animated Film Festival Poland Animator, Poznan, Poland, The Innsbruck Nature Film Festival, Innsbruck, Austria, The 10th Flatpack Film Festival, Birmingham, UK, the 11th Athens ANIMFEST, Athens, Greece to name a few.