A Stone's Throw Away

Non Films
United States


Drowning in isolation, a lonely soul finds a machine that can render artificial nostalgia for a price. "The debut album by Paperbark is a collection of songs designed to evoke those forgotten narratives. The stories that have shaped us are slowly eroding because of our obsessions with other peoples lives. Whether it's reality television, social media, politics or other numbing forces, the influences in modern culture transform us into something unrecognizable." This short film plays on the themes of "Forgotten Narratives" in an abstract environment with our protagonist yearning to connect and experience nostalgia in an otherwise vacant world.

Bio: Brian Ratigan is an award-winning director and animator whose stop motion films and music videos have screened internationally. He is a frequent collaborator with the Step Pepper Records and Kumar Pictures. Ratigan is the founder of Non Films and is based in New York City.


Circuit Sizzle

Runtime: 2:52

Marc Noworyta


Robot friends go on a playful adventure day until the batteries run out.

Bio: This is my thesis for Villa Maria College’s BFA in Animation 2016. Stop motion is my niche passion. 3D printing technology was also used to help make this film come to life.



Fired Up


Runtime: 3:29


Dan Fipphen & Elyse Kelly

Fired Up is a short animated film that depicts the origin story of President Obama's famed "Fired up, ready to go" chant. On a rainy day in June of 2007, President Obama found himself speaking to a subdued crowd in the tiny town of Greenwood, SC. He was exhausted, soaking wet, and beginning to doubt the whole campaign when a voice called out from the back, "Fired up, ready to go!". The chant, started by one unassuming woman in a church hat, transformed the audience and went on to become a rallying cry in every corner of America. With the audio of President Obamaäó»s speech as the soundtrack, the film combines original animation by 14 artists from around the world.

Bio: Dan Fipphen is a Washington, DC-based filmmaker who has worked on short and long-form documentaries, branded content, digital series and broadcast television. His editing credits include films for clients such as National Geographic, ESPN Films, The Guardian, Upworthy, USAID, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. 

He recently directed a short film for Zomia SPC, an education start-up in Thailand. He also edited and produced PYNE POYNT, a feature documentary about youth baseball in Camden, NJ that is currently streaming on Amazon Video. And he co-created and edited "On Frozen Ponds", a 4-part digital docu-series about pond hockey in New England that has been featured on Comcast Sports New England and was a finalist for the New York Times Op-Doc LivePitch competition. 

Bio: Elyse Kelly is a producer, animator and educator based in Washington DC.

She directed the animated short MIRA'S NIGHT, which screened in festivals around the world and won the Programmer's Choice Award, Narrative Short at the Virginia Film Festival in 2012.

Elyse has over a decade of experience in film and animation, working on commercials, television specials, music videos, short independent films and documentary series for clients such as Nickelodeon, Columbia Records, ESPN Films, Upworthy and Disney Research.



Lingua Absentia


Runtime: 10:00

Kate Raney
Jeremy Bessoff

Lingua Absentia is a paper cut-out animation, about a mother and her schizophrenic daughter, Abby. Guided by the mother's voice-over narration, the film takes the viewer through Abby's severe cancer treatment and her long process to recovery. 

Bio: Kate Raney and Jeremy Bessoff live, work, and make art in Athens, Ohio. Kate received her MFA in Film from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. Jeremy received his MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. They have recently combined their creative interests to work collaboratively.


Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 11.01.26 PM.png


Runtime: 3:16

ליאור אבירם
Lior Aviram


Rujum is a cairn of stones lying one on the other. Zerubbabel stands on the top of such a Rujum alone - untill that day.



Scent of Geranium

Runtime: 4:41

Naghmeh Farzaneh


Immigration is a new chapter in one's life, a chapter with unexpected events that can take one's life down paths different from the one imagined. This film is an autobiographical account of the director's experience with immigration.

Bio: Naghmeh Farzaneh is an Iranian animator and filmmaker who entered the animation world after getting her bachelor’s degree in Painting. She began her first film, trapped in time, as an exercise to learn the medium, the work got an international recognition in many film festivals. In 2011 she immigrated to the United States to continue filmmaking while pursuing her MFA in Animation. Naghmeh's films have been officially selected in many international festivals around the globe including Leeds International Film Festival, Savannah Film Festival, Festival Du Nouveau Cinema, Tricky Women, Tehran International Animation Festival and has won awards at Animateka Festival, 47ht ASIFA EAST Animation Festival, New Orleans Film Festival and Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival to mention the few. Naghmeh currently is an animation faculty member at the Rochester Institute of Technology.



The Astronaut's Journal

Runtime: 5:19

Marina Belikova

"Man has gone out to explore other worlds and other civilizations without having explored his own labyrinth of dark passages and secret chambers, and without finding what lies behind doorways that he himself has sealed." Stanislaw Lem, "Solaris" 

Bio: Marina Belikova

Lives and works in Berlin and Moscow.

Marina Belikova is media artist, born in Moscow, Russia. She works with various media such as animation, photography, collage and others.

Between 2005-2011 she studied Graphical web-design & E-commerce in the the Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics (Technical University) and graduated with an
honours degree. In 2012-2013 she did an M.A. in Communication Design: Graphic Design in Kingston University London. In 2016 she finished an M.F.A. in Media Art and Design at Bauhaus University Weimar.




Runtime: 3:57

Ignacio Tamarit

¡PíFIES! (from the Spanish slang, "mistake") is an apology to the technical problems of the amateur filmmaker. A rhythmic collage where the focus is placed on the mistakes, or what would have been discarded by the cineiste, instead of being left.

Bio: Ignacio Tamarit (1991, Buenos Aires, Argentina) is a teacher, musician and filmmaker. Currently working at the Lumiton Audiovisual Museum while completing his studies in Film & Media Studies at the University of Buenos Aires. He studied film at the Centro de Investigación Cinematográfica. Worked as a volunteer in the film library of the Museo del Cine Pablo Ducros Hicken and has taught cameraless filmmaking workshops at Big Sur gallery of contemporary art. He is also part of the rock n roll duo "Mejico" with plastic artist Dante Litvak. His films have been screened at Mex - Parismental, France, Museum of Contemporary Art of Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Onion City Film Festival, Slamdance Film Festival, Festival Internacional de Cine de Mar del Plata among others.