Runtime: 3:22

Jose Macerola
United Kingdom


When your job is your passion and your passion is a 30 strong pack of huskies. Judi muses on her life and love of dogs as the physicality and majesty of these animals unfolds.



Runtime: 19:45

Kazuya Ashizawa


The man closed the Cinema 55 years ago. Even so, people are coming. The man also put a fire on the projector today. “I will never let it go!”




Run Time: 1:40

Mohammad Sadeq Esmaeilii

I like to be a tour leader.

Mohammad Sadegh Esmaily is an award winner documentary filmmaker based in Iran, Kerman. He has master in producing documentary film from Iran Broadcasting University. His films have been screened in best festivals in Iran such as Cinema Verite International Documentary Film Festival and Tehran International Short Film Festival. He also has the honored to screen his films in international festivals all over the world. Asheng, his last film, screened in more than 10 festivals and won the Independent Short award of Los Angeles Film Festival 2019.


Unless You're Living It

Runtime: 8:22

Sarah Bliss
United States

An edgy, unsettling portrait of place and power in white rural Ontario that challenges the correlation between seeing and knowing, and the ravages of late-stage capitalism. Hand processing, contact printing, tinting and toning engage the film as a body that, like the residents of Mt. Forest, sustains injuries, wounds and burdens, but also has the capacity for delight, revelatory pleasure, and transformation.

Sarah Bliss is a white, upper-middle class filmmaker, artist, curator, and educator of Northern European descent whose hand-processed films and expanded works create deep encounter with the sensate, desiring body. Her work is often three-dimensional, immersive, and site-specific. It is screened and exhibited internationally at museums, galleries and film festivals including the Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei, Taiwan; Fracto Film Encounter; Transient Visions Film Festival; Montreal Underground Film Festival; and Anthology Film Archives. She has been recognized with fellowships from the Flaherty Seminar, the Massachusetts Cultural Council, and Scotland’s Alchemy Film Festival, and is an Independent Imaging Retreat alum. Current projects include a personal doc tracing her family history of desire; and production of film tints/toners made from mushrooms, lichen, bark and nuts. She received a Masters in Theological Studies from Harvard Divinity School and is a member of Boston’s AgX film collective.


Every Ghost Has An Orchestra

Runtime: 7:10

Shayna Connelly
United States

 Truth hides in the margins and the artist’s role is to point to it. The question of what happens after we die is a universal question explored by paranormal researcher and experimental composer Michael Esposito. He straddles the line between spiritual and material and asks the audience to reflect on our purpose, legacy and what our actions say about who we are.



Runtime: 20:00


Steven Adam Renkovish
United States

 An experimental documentary, 401 ROGERS was shot and edited by Steven Adam Renkovish. Using footage from various home movies - sourced from Super 8 and VHS tapes - 401 ROGERS is a unique meditation on family, loss, and memory.

Filmed in Oak Hill, WV.




Runtime: 12:06

Caroline Rumley
United States

In 1929 while trying to kick his opium habit, Jean Cocteau wrote that "the dead drug leaves a ghost behind. At certain hours it haunts the house." Apply this statement to the story of my brother in his band, and you end up with The Ghost Behind.

Caroline Rumley combines solo-shot film, found and archival footage, text, and sound to process a public or personal experience. Her documentary, experimental, and poetry films have screened at venues internationally including Sundance, Anti-Matter, Athens International, Haverhill, Blue Danube, Flatpack, the Zebra, Indie Cork Ó Bhéal, and Juteback Poetry Film Festivals, the Atlanta Film Festival, and the Houston Center for Photography. She works in Atlanta, where she lives with her family.

Creative Feds

Run time: 15:00

Erica Ginsberg & Leon Gerskovic
United States

Civil servants by day. Artists by night and weekend. Go beyond the stereotype of the "faceless bureaucrat" by meeting two federal workers who are as dedicated to public service as they are to their music.

Erica Ginsberg is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Docs In Progress, a nonprofit incubator for emerging documentary filmmakers headquartered in the Washington DC area. She is also a co-host of The D-Word, an online documentary filmmaker community with more than 15,000 members from around the world. Erica collaborated previously with Leon Gerskovic on CRUCIBLE OF WAR (post-war life in former Yugoslavia) and TALKING THREADS (international student reactions to 9/11), and has produced videos spotlighting the power of international exchange programs.

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Scenes from a Visit

Run time: 8:35

Neil Ira Needleman
United States

After being away for several months, a documentary filmmaker visits the remote home his aging parents bought. During the visit, he comes to realize that the years are catching up to his octogenarian father, an artist with a vivid imagination.

I was born in Brooklyn, New York toward the middle of the last century, and I've held a camera in my hand for as long as I can remember. Over the decades, the cameras may have changed, but my passion for tinkering with moving images hasn't. I LOVE it. And I intend to keep doing it.