Experimental Works


The Spirit Of The Forest

Run time: 5:25

Xiaohong Zhang, Bill Miller,
Jeff Herriott & Ying Xu
United States

“The Spirit of the Forest” is an interdisciplinary new media art work of a group collaboration. This work integrated art, music and dance by capturing the dancer’s movements and transforming the actions into a model. The modeling, rendering and environment of this work was created by professor Zhang Xiaohong of the University of Wisconsin, United States. Character movement capturing and animation were completed by professor Bill Miller who is a colleague of Professor Zhang. Music was composed by Professor Jeff Herriott who is the coordinator of the Media Arts and Game Development program and teach courses in music composition, audio, multimedia, and music technology. The dancer was created and performed by the Chinese American dancer Ying Xu. Today we live in a world of ecological imbalance, pollution, and climate change. “The Spirit of the Forest” intentionally promotes human awareness of environmental protection and sustainability by embodying the beauty and power of nature. Human beings and nature should form the unity of lives. The object of this work is in line with the theme of this exhibition, “Sharing and coexistence." Forests and prairies are the natural habitats shared by people and other life forms all over the world since the beginning of civilization. Sustaining the Mother Earth is a matter we all need to attend to now.



Run time: 7:15

Tanja Balac

To whom does the image belong? Does she genealogicaly belong to the history of existence, does she belong to the final discourse that has preserved its objects and froze them through the equilibrium of distortion, whether it is taken out of our memory and put into the collective similarity, or is it extracted from our memory and placed into collective similarity of the time that inevitably compel us to recall, to evoke...some places that we never come to know.

Balac liberates the object from her paintings, into the ‘cube’ in which the single one is freer than in the open world, world where object might adhere freedom. She offers a reversible process of capturing – it draws its own clear contours of personal trajectory, a path of symbolical freedom and existence, an omnipresence sustained in the imaginative world of freedom.

By drawing matter from her own past, digging through the archival layers of personal imprint in the history of abstract and figurative painting, the author illuminates the presence of the animated subject from her own imaginative world, trough illuminated textual proposals, ballet, performance, flat pictures, sound, shadow – dumb light.



Run time: 6:18


Bill Brown
United States

A pocket-sized travelogue about leaving one hometown and looking for the next one.

Brown re-works 16mm footage that he shot years ago during a cross-country road trip from Chicago to Las Vegas. The spatial discontinuities of the road trip are rendered as visual continuities across three frames as Brown goes in search of the next town to fall in and out of love with.

Bill Brown is a media artist interested in ways landscape is interpreted, appropriated, and reconfigured according to human desires, memories, and dreams. His research interests include haunted houses, UFO’s, memorial architecture, and outsider archaeology. He lives in North Carolina and teaches at UNC-Chapel Hill.


LIE (v.2019_1080)

Run time: 1:11

Carla Knopp
United States

LIE is an allegorical vignette video created from a virtual environment. An animated character offers a poignantly blunt reproach from under a glass dome.

Carla Knopp is a Midwestern artist making allegorical virtual environment videos. She spent 30 years as a studio painter, using that process as a tool for conjuring imagery and meaning. She has a deep trust in the revelatory nature of artistic exploration. She takes a similar approach when producing her Cinematic VR vignettes.



Ellen Hemphill & Jim Haverkamp
United States

Ellen Hemphill is a theater director and founder of Archipelago Theatre/Ciné, a multimedia collective based in North Carolina. She is a professor of theater at Duke University, and has also taught Voice and Gesture with the American Dance Festival. She is also a long time member of the Roy Hart Theatre of France, where she worked and performed for 13 years.

Jim Haverkamp is a filmmaker and video editor based in Durham, North Carolina. In addition to his work with Archipelago, his short fiction and documentary films have been shown at festivals and galleries around the world, including the London Underground Film Festival, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Screendance, and the Juteback Poetry Film Festival.



Run time: 6:54

Hiroya Sakurai

In the man-made waterways of rice paddies, the water in nature must follow artificial rules. In that way, nature is made abstract, giving rise to a new form of beauty distinct from the natural state. The theme of this work is the liveliness of the water as it follows the man-made course. This work is a ballet using the sound and the movement of the algae and water. With the waterway as the theater, I filmed the choreography of the algae that flows in the water.

Born in Yokohama, Japan in 1958. Professor, Seian University of Art and Design. Exhibitions include The 4th Sydney Biennale (1982), Postwar Art in Japan, The Getty Center, Los Angeles (2007), 62nd Melbourne International Film Festival (2013), 58th San Francisco International Film Festival (all 2015), 21st Japan Media Arts Festival(2018)


1536 UNITS

Run time: 1:30

Jan Rehwinkela

In this camera-less film I work on serial drawings and their relation to time. While I work on the color layers of the film and being dedicated to the single frame, I get detached from the medium film temporarily. For the framework respectively the structuring of the moving images there are the speed of projection by 24 frames a second and the sound. By accelerating and decelerating the sound which is made of samples an open space with time is created. There is resulting an abstract narrative.

Jan Rehwinkel Studies of Visual Communication and works and lives in Berlin as Editor and film artist



Run time: 5:40

Jason Bernagozzi
United States

The Great Dragon Consumes All is an experimental video collaboration between artist Jason Bernagozzi and composer Bryce Wemple. The dragon as a symbol for prosperity in eastern cultures is transformed by western capitalism into metaphor for greed during the year of the dragon celebrations at various shopping centers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The repetition of forms through the frame buffer processing is used to critique consumer culture as a hollow signifier of human values, a way to feed the economic elites that hoard their wealth and devour all.

Jason Bernagozzi is an artist whose work examines and critiques the codes embedded within the psyche of media culture. His work uses the real-time features of video and electronic media as a way to engage with interdisciplinary concepts as a dialogical system of emerging languages. He is particularly interested in the potential of non-human agents as collaborators in the artistic endeavor as a way to explore new concepts that exist outside the sphere of human assumption and logic. Bernagozzi’s work has been supported through numerous grants and awards from organizations such as the New York State Council for the Arts and the New York Foundation for the Arts and has been exhibited nationally and internationally at exhibitions such as the European Media Art Festival in Osnabruk, Germany; the Festival Les Instants Vidéo Numériques et Poétiques in Marsaille, France; the Ilman Museum of Art in Seoul, South Korea and the Currents New Media Festival in Santa Fe, New Mexico.



Run time: 6:09

John Graham

UNFOLD is a poetic laboratory that visually symbolizes the unpredictable revealing of oneself to another in friendship.

John is a Canadian multi-disciplinary artist based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. His ever-broadening art practice spans many media including independent filmmaking. His 9 experimental short films have been screened at over 150 film festivals worldwide in 26 countries. Many of his films have won awards.



Run time: 20:00


Julia Oldham
United States

Julia Oldham’s Fallout Dogs is a cinematic portrait of Chernobyl guided by the movements and activities of the stray dogs that live in the exclusion zone and the people who take care of them. The Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster began on April 26, 1986, with an explosion in Reactor 4 of the Chernobyl Power Plant. Over 100,000 residents were evacuated on buses and told to leave everything behind. During the ensuing clean up effort, many of the abandoned pets were shot to prevent contamination. Some survived by making their way to the power plant, where workers and self-settlers have been caring for them and their descendants ever since.

Kate Balsley Cosmos Obscura 5.jpg


Runtime: 4:00

Katherine Balsley
United States

In Cosmos Obscura, the universe is at once known and unknowable. New patterns, rhythms and metaphors are born from old ones, and familiar celestial bodies are refracted into strange and unusual forms.

The visuals were created from photographs taken from the Voyager II spacecraft. Photographs of the planets and their moons were abstracted and animated in order to create various patterns, rhythms and images. Other images were inspired by astronomical charts and diagrams, and were created through Adobe Photoshop and After Effects.

The musical work was originally created for 8 channels and subsequently adapted to the stereo version. The music focuses on the work from different backgrounds with the noises of nature and those which have an electronic source. Different techniques of electronic experimentation are used such as subtractive synthesis for filtering and modeling of the white noise, as well as granular synthesis, additive synthesis, phase vocoder; in addition to effects with some filters. Technique: Sound Forge 4.5, Ableton Live, Keyboard DX-7 and Soprano voice.


WILDFIRE in PARADISE - Fairee News 01

Run time: 7:40

Liliana Colombo

On the 8th November the town of Paradise in California was hit by one of the most destructive U.S wildfire in a century. 'The way I'd like to see the news'

Liliana Colombo (b. Gallarate, Italy) lives and works in London. She holds a BA in Media Communication Studies from IULM University of Milan and an MA in Experimental Film from the Kingston School of Art, London. Her latest short film ‘xxxxxxx’ won the Jury Special Mention at the XIV DocumentaMadrid 2017.



Run time: 6:06

Luis Grane
United States

A hypnotic expedition disentangling present day gurus and followers, self-reflecting the passive role of their enablers. 

Born in Argentina, he moved to Los Angeles in 1996 after living in England, Mexico and Canada. After many years working in the film industry as an animator, character and concept designer and VFX artist for studios like Pixar, Warner Bros, Disney, DreamWorks, Laika and Sony, working with directors such as Richard Linklater, Sam Raimi, Robert Rodriguez and Santiago Segura, Grane started a solo career as an independent visual artist. He did commissioned murals and street art in Mexico City, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Buenos Aires, created experimental videos and video installations that had been shown in festivals around the world and venues such as the Museum of modern art in Rio, Brazil and the Queens Museum.



Run time: 17:22

Lydia Moyer
United States

Loss returns to us what is gone in this portrait of the present in the past tense.



Run time: 14:58

Mirjam Dahl Pedersen

NEMOPHELIA is a film poem about the appeal of the forest. It portrays the effects of the aesthetic sublime of nature on men, using long and strong takes. Alienated natural phenomena follow a story characterised by visual foreshadowing and an own associative temporal logic. For the sound level, Corecass alias Elinor Lüdde has created a special natural soundscape with hypnotic score. The sound design supports breaks in the storyline by emphasizing the interplay between real presentation through music made with sounds of nature and their manipulation. NEMOPHELIA creates tension through exaggeration and poetry.



Run time: 11:08

Rahil Bustani

History of humanity is the tale of suffering masses in hands of a few. This film is about cruelty against human beings and how invaluable human lives have been traded like a material in hands of a few in power.

Rahil Bustani - Born in 1982 - Iran
Education : Sooreh . Iran - Bachelor(BSc/BA) – Cinema

" No One Said a Word" ( short film / director / 2010 )
"Phobia" ( short film documentary / director / 2011 )
" va az sarnevesht " ( tv film / Supporting Actress / 2013 )
"Like a Father" ( tv film / Actress / 2014 )
"Harir" ( cinema / Actress / 2015 )
" Fogol" ( Theater / Actress / 2016 )
" The Waltz of Grey Years " ( short film / director & writer / 2018 )
" counting " ( short film / director & writer / 2018



Runtime: 5:48

Robert-Jonathan Koeyers

An experimental visual poem inviting people to step into the lived Black experience for a moment. Combining film, animation, photography, and archival footage, "Here" tries to explore what Blackness means to Robert-Jonathan, as well as what it might mean to others.

Robert-Jonathan Koeyers (Curaçao, 1992) is a multidisciplinary artist and storyteller. He studied animation at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam and graduated cum laude with a visual poem titled ‘Here’ (2018) for which he was awarded a Drempelprijs (Threshold Award).

From a very early age, Robert-Jonathan knew he wanted to tell stories in whatever way he could. Throughout the years he has been using film, photography, animation, music, and other mediums to help turn his ideas and stories into tangible projects that people could relate to. Often deeply personal, nostalgic and introspective, his work often sets out to explore and dissect the
human condition and tries to examine why we work the way we do.

Robert-Jonathan Koeyers currently lives in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

prime perfect 2 pattern.jpg
prime perfect 2 note.jpg

Prime Perfect 2

Runtime: 2:42

Tom Bessoir

In 2016 I completed prime perfect, a mathematical flicker film inspired by the artist Tony Conrad. The audience is watching a black film with white flashes for each prime number producing an intense stroboscopic experience. In this new film I again explore number patterns but put more emphasis on the numbers. While the original was primarily B&W, the new film is a primary-color flicker film.

For the best experience view in a dark room at loud volume.

Tom Bessoir was born and continues to live in NYC. He started taking photographs and making films in the late 1970s while studying electrical engineering at The Cooper Union in NYC’s east Village.


All In

Run time: 14:33

Kerry Skarbakka

Upset at political correctness, immigration, the loss of jobs and a way of life, angry white men have forcibly reshaped the socio-political landscape. All In is a component of White Noise, a greater art installation which follows the life and eventual downward spiral of one particular white man. Blurring the lines between fact and fiction, his story is situated upon my story, growing up in an authoritarian Evangelical household on a small farm outside Pulaski, Tennessee (the birthplace the KKK) and eventually enlisting in the U.S. Army. As time progresses, an alternate narrative emerges, another reality, another portrait; that of an angry white man pushed to the edge. All In takes us to the point of total resolve in the evolution of his rage; where ceremony operates as the final preparation for action to be taken.

Kerry Skarbakka  was born in Duluth, Minnesota and raised in Tennessee. His performance-based photographic work depicting existential anxieties and loss of control through the acts of falling, drowning and fighting have been exhibited internationally. A 2005 Creative Capital Grantee, his work is held in such collections as the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, The North Carolina Museum of Art, The Corcoran Gallery of Art and The Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago.

Buscando la luz/ Caminos de luz

Run time: 4:02

Rrose Present

Why do we want to illuminate everything? To know everything? To inform everything? If we would create a flat world without subtlety, mystery, nuances or differences? We need darkness to see the lights of the hidden paths "between screens" outside the focus of the great stories, the great reasons, the great economies that indoctrinate us with cultural "cliches" or technological sophisms. Looking for the light that illuminates the "experimental" paths of uncertainty, search, play, random... as signs of the path of our mortals and untransferable lives.

Rrose Present was born in Barcelona where she graduated in Fine Arts for the University of Barcelona. Beca Séneca audio-visual UPV. She also holds a Masters degree in Philosophy of Contemporary Art from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and Fundació Miró. Rrose combines experimental video, video art, curated and a reflection about the image written in images from a "critical" poetic gaze. She works the moving images from a double sense / meaning of the reality: the PRESENTIAL (camera in hand) using the body as a tripod for her emotions, and the RE-PRESENTATION with the NET Found Footage to digest the images of the GLOBAL ARCHIVE with the series "video 'without-camera"' reinterprets 'camera-world' .



Run time: 4:40

Scott Turri
United States

I have always been interested in improvisational working methods. Because of the nature of animation, with its process heavy framework the two seem incongruent. However, I consciously worked on many parts of the animation without an established idea for the finished product; often experimenting with various modular combinations which lead to surprising and sometimes interesting results. After building these animated parts, my goal was to create a hypnotic rhythm through the combined looping, and sequencing of these passages in response to the sound component.

For the sound, I went back to the late 1980’s and used a snippet which was recorded from a live interactive performance at the WYEP studio by the band Gus is Gay, of which I was a member. The performance consisted of engaging the audience by allowing them to call the station, and then our sound engineers captured their input, sampled it, and on the fly introduced it into the mix so the band could respond while improvising in real time. I like forcing things together -- creating dissonance. So what do these two seemingly disparate things from different eras have in common? Well, me, of course. So, for GETaLIFE it seemed somehow appropriate to circle back though my own history and connect the past with present. By weaving together sound and vision through the thread of time, I created a bridge to hopefully allow both of them to inform one another in new ways and in the process foster a dialogue between younger and older selves.

Hailing from suburban Philadelphia, where he spent his formative years, Turri now calls Pittsburgh home and has become enmeshed in its regional art community. He has had a broad range of artistic experiences: as a self-taught drummr playing in punk rock, to an improvising percussionist in a performance art band, writing for New Art Examiner, BOMB, and Afterimage magazines, to currently concentrating primarily on painting and experimental animation. He is represented by James Gallery.


Wind Above Thunder

Run time: 3:37

Susan DeLeo
United States

A visual haiku of image and sound shot in Super 8mm film while traveling through the American southwest.

Susan DeLeo is a multi-media artist using experimental film/video, installation and photography to explore issues of memory, loss, the elemental/natural world and personal mythology. She has a 5th year Diploma in Studio Arts from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and was a recipient of the Clarissa Bartlett Traveling Scholarship Award. She exhibits and screens nationally and internationally and is a member of the Boston based Agx Film Collective.



Run time: 1:26

John Meza
United States

This film documents an extemporaneous drawing that crosses the bridge between the plastic and performing arts. The performance action was recorded on a Seen model 1217 Trail Camera, set on a 15 second time lapse interval. Each snowflake I design is unique in its architecture, expression and size. I am able to apply a limited vocabulary of graphic marks in a technique that produces an infinite number of combinations. Striving to emulate nature’s process that generates each snowflake as an individual. And just as a jazz musician can pick up a saxophone and create an improvised composition on the spot, I find myself effortlessly improvising with a chalk marker when I am creating my extemporaneous s arrangements. While consciously observing the design principles of variety and unity, I am able to execute spontaneous one-of-a-kind drawings with a melodic fluidity. Behold the snowflake! The perfect intersection between art and math.

hand A.jpg

Song for the Fate of Animals

Run time: 4:30

Tommy Becker
United States

A celebration of the wild mixes with icons of the inhumane. A war chant heard bellowing from the mouths of animals is interrupted by a lullaby. The mantra returns to fuel the creature’s protest as a bombardment of images continues to call into question, “who are the true animals of this world?” Video, Music & Text: written, recorded, edited and performed by Tommy Becker. Additional guitar - Scott Gagner

Tommy Becker attended the San Francisco Art Institute as an undergraduate before receiving his MFA in Film/Video/Performance from California College of Arts where he was awarded, "The All College Honor Award”. A poet trapped in a camcorder, Becker continues to feed his video, music and poems into his never-ending saga, “TAPE NUMBER ONE”. Often Becker’s single channel works are translated to live cinema performance. He has been an artist in residency at Headlands Center for The Arts and the Wexner Center for the Arts.

Essence3 .JPG

The Inner Essence

Run time: 4:30

Taehee Kim
United States

The Inner Essence is an experimental video that depicts the essence of nature through various microscopic structures, ultimately illustrating the totality of nature's beauty beyond the surface. A digital microscope was used to capture complex forms of various flowers to reveal the organic systems and visual movements that could not be seen with the naked eye. This exploration highlights the juxtaposition between the outsider's perspective upon nature and the essence of nature itself through the lens of a microscope.

Taehee Kim, a digital media artist, explores art, science, technology, and culture to further her research in the investigation of artistic ideas that merge into scientific technology. She has received an M.F.A from Louisiana State University and is currently teaching in the Department of Art at Sam Houston State University as an Associate Professor. During the past few years, Kim has exhibited her work nationally and internationally. Her works were exhibited in the Art Gallery at SIGGRAPH, SMart Multimedia Art Festival, The Florida International, Long Beach Island Foundation of the Arts and Sciences, and 10th Seoul International New Media Festival in Seoul, South Korea.

Fake Believe soundtrack.00_02_56_13.Still007.jpg

Fake Believe

Run time: 3:38

Ryan Schmal Murray
United States

Fake blood watering fake flowers. In this time when we call fake things real and real things fake, what are we growing? This video references a nature-documentary style, shot in high-framerate slow motion.It depicts fake national flowers watered with fake blood.

Ryan Schmal Murray is a multimedia artist who lives and works in Baltimore, MD, USA. He is an Associate Professor in the Electronic Media and Film Department at Towson University. His work has shown in museums, galleries, and festivals, including the Chicago Underground Film Festival, Antimatter [Media Art], Milwaukee Underground Film Festival, Portland Underground Film Festival, Montreal Underground Film Festival, and the Festival of (In)appropriation.


The Hearing of the Eye

Run time: 5:30

Alessia Cecchet

"Il sentire dell'occhio" is an experimental piece that explores death through a post-humanist lens. Our understanding of the animal other changes once it has died. We look away, no longer in awe and the wonder becomes abject. The film re-centers the animal in its passing, compelling the viewer to linger on death, reconsidering its value and opening the possibility for empathy.

Alessia Cecchet is a maker of moving images. Originally from Italy, she makes hybrid films that incorporate live action film, found footage, stop motion animation, fibers and sculpture. Her work explores matters of loss, grief and memory with a specific attention with the way we look at animals and animal death. Alessia is currently a PhD Candidate in Film and Digital Media at the University of California Santa Cruz. Her work has been exhibited in Italy, the US, Australia, Germany, the UK, Egypt, Spain, Republic of Kosovo, Czech Republic, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Greece and Iran.

Photo 3 Screen_Shot_2018-03-05_at_12.01.35_PM.jpg

big things have small beginnings

Run time: 3:39

Christopher Thompson
United States

“big things have small beginnings” explores the dichotomy of memory and myth in a post-digital world. A mother recalls stories from the artist’s youth as her account is contradicted by the artist’s own mythologized narrative of life, death, and rebirth post Y2K.

Christopher Thompson (1990) is a video and installation artist. He holds a B.A. in Graphic Design from University of Southern Indiana and a M.F.A. from Washington University in St. Louis. His videos and installations have been exhibited internationally in the 5th Odessa Biennale at the Odessa Museum of Contemporary Art, Endless Editions Biennale in New York City, and Czong Institute for Contemporary Art in South Korea. Christopher lives and works in Brooklyn NY.


Fugue (hope is the thing with feathers….emily dickinson)

Run time: 1:39

Nance Davies
United States

'Fugue (**hope is the thing with feathers…emily dickinson)’ - part of a larger, ongoing project *FUGUE - dives deep into our fragile and porous interconnections. It sites the space of immersion….between remembering and forgetting. As we make and unmake our complex worlds.....we maneuver and morph, damage and deny. At the edge…we freeze…between surge and silence, wings and flight, synapse and tremor. Inside image and naming, we lose footing and path. Now…fragile the figure, now…porous the ground.

Nance Davies is a Boston based, interdisciplinary artist and curator whose work explores the impact of mass-mediated culture and consumerism on inter-relationships and interdependence of all life forms. Recent work explores the poetics of the ‘everyday’ gesture and the transformative role of empathy.

Davies studied at Yale School of Art and received an MFA from Mills College in Oakland, CA in 1999. She was the recipient of the Coleman Award (Boston University) and the Zorach Fellowship (Skowhegan).

Rhino 2.jpg

African Film School

Run time: 5:00

Roger Horn
South Africa

Found Super 8mm home movies of wildlife from 1960s apartheid era South Africa and colonial Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) comprise the visual elements of African Film School. In order to disrupt the viewer, American filmmaker Roger Horn juxtaposes these found images with audio he recorded while attending a wildlife film-training program in Cape Town in 2007. Through the disruption of filmmaking conventions Horn, in his experimental autoethnography looks to make the viewer confront their own stereotypes and ponder the nature of capturing images in Southern Africa.

Roger Horn is a film and visual anthropology lecturer who draws upon his 20 years of experience across various disciplines and media outlets for inspiration. Additionally, Roger recently submitted his PhD thesis in Social Anthropology titled, "Memories, material culture, and methodology: Em-ploying multiple filmic formats, forms, and informal archives in anthropological research among Zimbabwean migrant women" along with accompanying films.



Run time: 2:50

Ryan O'Hare
United States

The passage of time and the ephemeral nature of human existence is key to understanding the human condition. “Ephemera” is created by digitally removing people from publicly archived footage of significant historical events. The resulting video leaves a trace of the person behind and serves as an echo of the recorded moment in time.


Film digitalia, this intimate hard drive, No. 4

Run time: 3:34

Matt Whitman
United States

Film digitalia, this intimate hard drive, No. 4 is an autonomous segment of the Film digitalia, this intimate hard drive film cycle. The film is a textual and archival response to and documentation of perpetual discrepancies - between living and deceased, public and private, physical and virtual - found in processes of contemporary mourning. Shot on 16mm film, the work’s own ontology speaks to the material vulnerabilities, susceptibilities, affective properties of the physical archive, particularly in juxtaposition to contemporary modalities of digital memory.

Matt Whitman is a New York-based artist working with moving image, photography, installation, writing and performance. His work has appeared at SF Cinematheque, San Francisco; The Front, New Orleans; The Lab, San Francisco; Unexposed Microcinema, Durham, North Carolina; Anthology Film Archives, New York; La MaMa, New York; Ethan Cohen Gallery, New York; the Brooklyn Film Festival, New York; and ‘8 fest’ Toronto, Ontario; among others. He has taught at Parsons School of Design since 2014.


All Good Memes go to Heaven

Run time: 4:00

Matthew Williamson

This video is loosely based on stories of archaeological exploration in the late 19th and early 20th century. AGMGTH projects these discoveries into the future to a time when a generation rediscovers the artifacts of our current digital culture.

Described once as "frustratingly engaging", Matthew Williamson examines the gaps between the internet and so-called 'real life'. A graduate of OCADU and Syracuse University, Matthew has shown work internationally and across Canada.