All About Emily


Run time: 7:00


Valentina Casadei



A modest housekeeper keeps being bullied by an hysterical bourgeois for no apparent reason. Forced to endure these abuses in order to avoid being sent back to Mexico, she makes a discovery that will change everything.

Valentina Casadei is a photographer, screenwriter and student in directing. She was born in Ravenna (Italy) in 1993 and struck out for Bologna after graduating from high school. There she has studied history of cinema. In September 2015 she has started a master of filmmaking in Paris where she is also pursuing a career as a filmmaker independently from the university.



Runtime: 12:40

Giorgi Tkemaladze

Grandmother always replies to Lukas curious questions, one answer forces the child to catch birds, which will help him to see his mother. All day the boy spends on the roof with a trap, trying to catch a huge number of birds. Grandmother reacts calmly to his desire, she only remarks that birds have mothers and they miss them too. later a group of older boys takes away his trap and only after that realizes the little boy these words. The conflict with the boys finishes after Lukas attempts to get his birds back. this incident changes a lot of things for the little dreamer, he does not want to achieve his aim by using other creatures and releases the birds.

Bio:  Education : 
2004 - 2011 sokhumis’s state university history and law faculty specialty – historian
2009 – 2011 Master's degree
2011-2016 Shota Rustaveli’s Theatre and film university film and television faculty – feature film director.



Run time: 2:11

Michael Acosta

As two roommates search for food in a barren house, an epic battle for the last bowl of cereal ensues.  

Cleaning Up After People

Run time: 11:24

Ian Nolte (Producer)
Courtney Holschuh (Director)

A young woman is moonlighting as a maid in a small office. She experiences a brief connection with another moonlighter cleaning the office across the street.

Courtney Holschuh lives and works in Huntington, West Virginia. This is her first film as director.



Run time: 6:00

Dagmawi Abebe

After the recent death of his wife and daughter, Wyatt Parker does whatever it takes to see his family again.

Bio: Dagmawi Y. Abebe is a second semester MFA student at the University of Southern California Film and TV Production program. He graduated with a Physics major and Film Studies Minor from the University of Virginia in May of 2015. He has been a part of the Fimmaker's Society at the University of Virginia for the past three years. He started out his career with editing and shortly moved to directing short documentary and narrative films. His interest is in directing historical action and drama films in which he attempts to explore human relationships in various cultures. Dagmawi also worked as a student Photographer/Videographer for the sustainability department at UVA as well as working as a student consultant in the Digital Media Lab at Clemons Library. Lastly, he was also the Director of the Virginia Student Film Festival in 2014



Run time: 7:21

Coleman Mason

Flakka is a synthetic drug closely related to bath salts.  Flakka has expanded its way up the east coast making its way into Savannah, GA.  A wealthy business man takes a hit, unwinds, and acts inhuman - all sings of the deathly drug.

Bio: Coleman Mason is a sophomore studying Film and Television at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). Flakka is Coleman's newest short film. He wanted to raise awareness about the drug Flakka. Flakka has been increasing rapidly in Palm Beach, Florida where Coleman spent his middle/ high school years. Coleman strives hard to become a great director. "An idea is just an idea, until you make it happen," states Coleman.


Four Pies

Run time: 12:36

Andrew Huggins

A woman returns home to her two sisters and grieving father after her mother dies. Four Pies examines the impact that the passing of a loved one has on a family. In moments of tragedy, each individual responds differently, in their own way. We look at the impact an event like this has on a husband and three daughters.

Bio: I am a twenty-six year old filmmaker from Charlotte, North Carolina. I received my bachelor's degree in filmmaking and video production from The Art Institute of Charlotte in December, 2013. I freelance full time to support the production of my original short films.


Growing Up With Grandpa

Run time: 10:52

Sydney DiBenedetto

A short film that explores the relationship that exists between a growing child and his grandfather, and the strength of family ties that withstand the test of time throughout each generation of humanity.

Bio: My name is Sydney DiBenedetto and this is my first film. I'm 20 years old and live in Vancouver BC. Since I was very young I created films using whatever methods available. I loved shooting mini movies with my younger brother on my mother's digital camera. When I was in high school I was given the opportunity to create my first short film as an assignment. Ever since I've been hooked! I've worked on several student films - two of which I have won awards for. Growing Up With Grandpa is my first independent film and we are hoping to have it screened in several places, so that many people are able to watch the film we worked so hard to create!


Mariachi Madness

Run time: 11:30

Ramon Torres (Writer)
Nadia Zoe (Director & writer)

Alex finds his girlfriend’s cat, Hugo, unresponsive and turns to Javier, his father, for help. With years of wisdom behind him Javier tells his son to just tell her the truth. Rose unexpectedly arrives early to up Hugo and after a confusing interaction gathers that something is wrong. Mistakenly thinking that Hugo has gone missing she tells Alex to just find him. Javier calls upon his former mariachi group in an attempt rectify the situation. When they arrive at Rose’s New York City apartment Carlos, the band leader, breaks a window in a failed attempt to get Rose’s attention. Eventually the group garner’s not only her attention, but that of the neighborhood and the NYPD. Things don’t end well for Alex and Hugo, both of whom get tackled by one of the officers. The police part ways leaving Alex to face a distraught Rose. Javier consoles his bereft son with some midnight tacos.

Nadia is an actor, writer, director from Tucson, AZ. She came from a hippie mom and a conservative, sometimes Muslim father who were both from large families. Needless to say, she had an unusual upbringing rich with dysfunction that has laid the foundation for many of the projects she has created and has undoubtedly influenced the projects she is passionate about.

She graduated from Arizona State University with a B.A. in theatre and a double emphasis in acting and directing, then promptly moved to New York with the lofty goals of being an actress. After receiving several directing and producing gigs in children’s theatre in lieu of acting gigs, she figured that it was probably a sign that she was meant to be on the directing path. She began the Columbia MFA program in directing in 2013 and has since written and directed four shorts, produced three, and written three features.




Run time: 15:00

Lydia Bruna

The story follows Rhona, a young woman in education to become a druid. Together with her people, she has devoted her life to serve the gods on their sacred sites. When the news of a Roman attack reach her village, Rhona has to decide whether to be loyal to her believes and to face death or to flee with her best friend Mya. The story is based on the events of the Menai Massacre in 60 AD. The spoken language is Welsh.

Lydia is a director and writer from Saarland, in the south west of Germany. In 2012 she made her first short film 'Perle' and won the 3. price in the category 'young adults' at the festival Creajeune in the same year.

After having worked on different positions on several productions in Germany, e.g. Soko Köln and Großstadtrevier she moved to England to study film directing at the Arts University Bournemouth (now Bournemouth Film School) where she graduated in 2016.

Currently she is working in Germany and just finished her first short film production 'Spin the bottle' for television - as part of the EBU childrens drama exchange it will be screened on BBC, ARD, KiKa and other channels in other countries in 2017.


Poetry Stalled

Run time: 10:50

Legrand McMullen

An arrogant poet is forced to commit a desperate act, and then realizes he's not the literary genius he believes he is.

Bio: Photographer/filmmaker/author with over 20 years experience. Co-authored Light-Science & Magic and Faces-Photography and The Art of Portraiture, both for Focal Press.


The Bouquet

Run time: 10:27

Julien Segard (Director)

On a deserted road, driving an antique car, Stephane hurries up to a wedding whom he is the best boy. Terribly late, he realizes that he forgot the brideäó»s bouquet. Fortune favors him when he has the opportunity to take possession of a funeral bouquet tied on a tree. But fate takes it out on him when his GPS loses signal. Unable to get his bearings, he will have to take with him the only person who crosses his path, and who is able to help : Charlotteäó_ who just placed her funeral bouquet on the tree. Stephane tried desperately to hide the bouquet and get the pathway from Charlotte until he avoid an car accident and brakes brutally. Chocked, Charlotte discover the bouquet on her knees and hit Stephane with it. She ask him to make her a bouquet with the flowers in the field and Stephane accept. Charlotte steals the car and the ring et let Stephane alone...

Bio: Behind the alias Allen & Smithee, of wich the meaning reveals their cinephilia, are Romain and Julien hiding. Since they met in an editing room, where one was editing the movie of the other, their common passion for cinema gathered them. Today they direct films together. After working in feature film production for several years, including some by Luc Besson, Romain launch himself in directing a documentary about autism. When he met Julien, the editor of his film, he discovers a passion for filmic writing. Julien begins to work as a camera operator. He quickly evolves to editing and directing, exploring music videos and short films. Dabbling in everything he naturally writes, fascinating by film dramaturgy as well. In love with unexpected stories and colorful characters, Romain and Julien have always put cinema in their music videos.



The Eliminadora


Run time: 19:50

PJ Gaynard

The Eliminadora is the inspiring story of a little girl with a big dream to be a luchadora, who proves that she has what it takes, and becomes a hero along the way.

Bio: P.J. Gaynard grew up in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, home of Perry Como and Bobby Vinton. After high school, he attended the Rochester Institute of Technology and graduated with a BFA in film/video/animation production. PJ then began his freelance
career in production, working in Rochester, NY and Boston, MA as a Production Assistant , Assistant Director, Set Lighting Technician, Best Boy Electric, Gaffer, Grip, Key Grip, Video Engineer, Camera Operator, Director of Photography, Editor, Director (both Multicam, and Single cam), and Producer .

PJ and his wife Cindy moved to Los Angeles in 2004, and he joined IATSE Local 728 as a Set Lighting Technician. From there he began Directing and Producing in Los Angeles, including two multi-award winning short films, Love Sick Love, and Rooftop. In
2009 he won top honors at The Lancaster Area Film Festival and the Johnstown Film and Wine Festival for his short film “Rooftop”. He also won top honors from the Philadelphia International Film Festival aka Philafilm for his short film “Love Sick Love” (“Rooftop” won second place).

Since 2008, PJ has focused his career on Directing and DPing. He produces for his own production company as Goat Milk Fudge Productions, and his client list includes California State University Northridge, National Geographic, The Mercury Men
(, Geek and Sundry, and many others. In 2013 he completed a masters degree in Humanities/Humanistic Studies at California State University Northridge. Recently he was ranked #23 in the book, "The Top 100 Indie Filmmakers In The World Part II”.

In 2015 PJ and his family returned to Pittsburgh PA.



The Guilt List

Run time: 16:53

Tereza Hirsch
Czech Republic


California 1953: A young girl lives with her parents, who believe in the Red Scare, when she meets an immigrant from communist Czechoslovakia. Realizing that her parents disapprove of the relationship, she has to make an important decision. 

Bio Tereza Hirsch, born as Tereza Horak, is a multifaceted and exemplary individual, a Freelance Journalist, Writer, Director, Actor, Production Designer.

She was born in Germany and grew up in the Czech Republic; currently her dreams are starting to come alive as she lives in Los Angeles. With her passion for writing and filmmaking, Tereza focused her career and educational background around this aspect. Throughout the beginning of the 2000s, she expanded her knowledge and experience by enrolling in media management, journalism, film and media production, cinematography, acting and directing. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Anglophone studies in English from the Metropolitan University of Prague and graduated in 2015. Tereza also pursued and earned her Master of Arts in Film and Media Production from the New York Film Academy in 2016. She also advanced her acting career skills by securing eight weeks of regular acting classes at the Artist Advantage Group Academy in Hollywood California. She was coached under the illustrious Emmy winner Andre Bauth and Judd Laurance, who are credited for coaching actors such as Jason Bateman, Jennifer Lopez, Heather Locklear and Jenny McCarthy among others.

Tereza is also multilingual, and speaks fluent German, Czech, and English and also has a basic knowledge of French. Some of her journalistic works include writing short stories for the book ‘The World in a Drop of Dew’ under the lead of the Czech Journalist and Writer Dana Emingerová. She also created websites for the reality/documentary ‘Behind the Hills’ and an online music magazine called ‘Brouk Music.’ Tereza has written articles on her volunteering journey in India which was published in the cultural and society magazine ‘Xantypa Magazine’ and ‘Prager Zeitung’, the largest non-Czech newspaper in the Czech Republic. She also contributed to writing music related articles for ‘Rock and Pop Magazine’ and ‘Report Magazine’.

At age 23, Tereza scored a major position in the well-known online music magazine ‘Brouk-Music’, as the Editor in Chief. As a Freelance Filmmaker, during 2015 till present, she was the Casting Assistant for a thesis film ‘Eli’ directed by Yayun Hsu. Tereza appeared as an actress for the short science fiction film ‘Alive’ directed by William Inhyuk Hyoung and for the film ‘Stalker’ directed by Yitao Yang. Later on, she landed a position as a 2nd Directing Assistant for the film ‘Bird of Paradise’ directed by Le Wang. As a step up from that position, she became the 1st Directing Assistant for ‘Words’ directed by Lamia Al-Shwwier. Then, she served as a Production Designer for the short comedy drama ‘Hot Set’ which was directed by Cyril Zima. Another aspect of her directing skills can be seen in the Music Video for the song ‘Emiline’ written by Taylor Alexander. In 2016 was Tereza’s directorial debut for the film ‘The Guilt List,’ a political drama set in 1953. This film marks the representation of a blend of Tereza’s collective skills, which she earned and developed over time like screenwriting, directing, production designing and acting combined into one, to produce the well-articulated film.


The guy came on horseback


Run time: 15:00

Hossein Rabiei Dastjerdi
Islamic Republic of Iran


When the rural man got aware of the truth that his disabled son has fallen in love with their neighbor's daughter, He decides to work around it...


The Last Thing You Need

Running time: 12:00

Stephen Hanson

An internal battle ensues when a young man is confronted with the choice between his girl and his smokes. 


Bio: Stephen Hanson is a Film and Media Professional who has worked frequently in production since graduating in May 2014 with a Communications degree from Thomas Edison State College (matriculated through courses at WV State University as a transient student). Home schooled the entirety of his high school education, Stephen has always had an interest in filmmaking and photography, having worked as a freelance photographer with work published in multiple magazines. As a filmmaker, his first short film "Against Odds" screened in festivals, and looks for a similar run for his next piece "The Last Thing You Need" which was completed mid 2016. Mr. Hanson worked as the Locations Department Coordinator on the 2015 AMC miniseries "The Making of the Mob: New York" and the upcoming indie feature "Tri," as well as Director of Photography of the award-winning short film "The Croquet Calamity." Other work ranges from frequent Production Assistant to Production Manager and Location Manager work on a variety of different productions. For more information, go to:



The Magic Bracelet

Runtime: 19:02

Rina Goldberg


Make A Film Foundation is a non-profit organization which grants film wishes to children who have serious or life-threatening medical conditions. Our current project is the short film "The Magic Bracelet". It fulfills the final wish of Rina Goldberg who passed away of Mitochondrial disease just after her 15th birthday and some of her final words to her mom were, "Promise to take care of my film."

Make A Film foundation (MAFF - is a non-profit organization that teams children who have serious or life-threatening medical conditions with noted actors, writers and directors who help them to create short film legacies. Our current project, The Magic Bracelet, fulfilled the wish of 15-year old Rina Goldberg whose final words to her mom before she died of mitochondrial disease were 'Promise to take care of my film’. To date "The Magic Bracelet" has screened at 40 film festivals and been awarded best short film at 3 festivals, among many other accolades and awards. A screening at your festival would be the West Virginia premiere.

The film script was adapted by Diablo Cody (Academy Award Winner-Juno) with story by Rina Goldberg. Its star studded cast includes Bailee Madison (Just Go With It), Hailee Steinfeld (Pitch Perfect 2, Academy Award nominee - True Grit), J.K. Simmons (Academy Award Winner - Whiplash), Jackson Rathbone (Twilight Franchise), James Van Der Beek (Dawson's Creek) and Kaitlin Doubleday (Empire).


Running time: 8:00

Sam Thompson

A mormon stripper relies on her famous brother to show her around the Sundance film festival in the hopes of making it big.

My name is Sam Thompson, and I'm a student at West Virginia University. I've been making films for about two years, and I'm currently the president of my schools film club. I'm 22 years old, and I aspire to work in Hollywood as a writer/director. I've been lucky enough to become the youngest filmmaker in WV to complete a funded film, and won my first best director award this year at the Sundance film festival.

With a cast and crew of four people (two of them were acting), we were able to film this short at the Sundance film festival in only two days. My cinematographer/editor is only 18, and my leading male actor has never acted in a leading role before.



Running time: 6:25

Sam Thompson

Drew believes his house is haunted. Nancy believes Drew is crazy. Is anything crazier than a haunted toaster?

Bio: My name is Sam Thompson, and I'm the president of the WVU film club. I've been making films for a year and a half. I recently (this august) became the youngest filmmaker in the state of WV to secure funding for a short film from a production company (Sublime Universal). I love visa comedy, and like to use the Coen brothers and Edgar Wright as inspiration for my films. I love teaching students about the art of filmmaking, and aspire to either be a writer/director, or a film production teacher one day. Filmmaking has given my life a new purpose, and I don't know what my life would be like without it.

Welcome to My World


Running time: 12:06

Ching Wang


The ideal world of a compulsive alienated young man shatter as a spontaneous woman shakes up his everyday routine. A sparkling adventure between Bob, Alex, and Kiddo.

Ching Wang is a narrative filmmaker who grew up in Taipei, Xiamen, Vancouver, and Los Angeles. She has a theatre directing background from UCLA, and worked closely with one of the most acclaimed playwrights and directors in Asia, Stan Lai, for two years after graduation. Ching is currently pursuing an MFA in Film Production at the University of Texas, Austin. Her films seek to both inspire and entertain through visual storytelling, providing an engaging, highly emotional experience

War in Heels

Running time: 3:24

Emily Price



Emily, who after being dumped by Tom, attempts to take matters into her own hands with the help of her unwilling friend, Tiffany, who has a secret plan of her own...