The 2019 West Virginia Mountaineer Short Film Festival takes place in the WVU Mountianlair building on the downtown campus. Most of the screenings occur in the Gluck Theatre, located on the first floor of the building. Additionally, there will be video projections running on a continuous loop in the Shenandoah room, adjacent to the theater, and in the Blackwater room, on the 2nd floor. (Mountainlair Map).

All screenings are free and open to the public!

Friday, April 26

7:30 PM - 8:30 PM
WVU Student Films and Animations

Milly Rock on Chile Block, by Maxwell Shavers
by Lauren Cook
Her Peace,
by Rob Simmons
by KJ Burton
evolution of dance through a stick figure,
by Cami Michelson
A Round of Applause,
by Jeff Boggess
Mechanic to Organic,
by Kelsey Dowling
Buena Onda,
by Christian Rowan
Deep Ocean,
by Liqing Ma
Prodigal Children,
by Ineke Knudsen
by Lindsey Fincham
Average Guy,
by Nicholas Butler
Identity Close,
by Breellen Fleming
Happy Tush,
by Kayla Starcher
Free Needle Exchange Programs,
by Andi Mae Harvey
That's What Friends are For,
by Jeff Boggess
by Alex Newman
Slow Down Jack,
by Christian Rowan
Innominate Figures,
by Alyssa Shanholtz
An Interview with an Alien,
by Nicholas Hall
Sleep is Important,
by Margaret McLister
by Haylee Hickman
Stars Held By Strings,
by Breellen Fleming

9:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Narrative Shorts

Family Medicine, by Joe Kraemer
Soul Bones, by Andrew Huggins
Problems On The Line, by Philip Rabalais
The Neurotic In "Afraid of Change", by David Smith
The Usual Route, by by Cory C. Warner
The Magic Words, by Domenic Porcari
The Hope Dealer, by Andrew Broadhurst
The Rehearsal, by W. Trent Welstead
Manicotti, by Ellen Hemphill, Jim Haverkamp
The Black Basilisk, by Edward Loupe
Counting, by Rahil Bustani
Well Born, Lucas Ostrowski

saturday, April 27

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Young Filmmakers (Under 18)

Zoe, by Marta Krunić
The Polar Bear Legacy, by Cameon Wade
The Incident At The Pier, by Abby Bright & Grace Joo
A Broken Star, by Ejun Hong
Batase, by Oliver Marsden
Melody, by Rustam Sadigli
And Again and Again And Again, by Livia Proto
First Position, by Jenny Qu
Mother, by Ejun Hong

11:15 AM - 12:15 PM
Student Films

A Picture's Worth, by Evan Wehmeyer
Waves, by Justin Bailey
Out of the Pills, by Casey McCracken

1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Documentaries and Other Real Stories

My Theatre, by Kazuya Ashizawa
Creative Feds, by Erica Ginsberg
Go Go Go, by Leon Gerskovic
Scenes from a Visit, by Neil Ira Needleman
Every Ghost Has An Orchestra, by Shayna Connelly
Tour leader, by Mohammad Sadeq Esmaeili
401 ROGERS, by Steven Adam Renkovish
Unless You're Living It, by Sarah Bliss

3:30 PM - 4:45 PM
ALL Animation!

Muedra, by Cesar Diaz Melendez
The Pattern, by Azad Jannati
The Spirit Seam, by Ashley Gerst
Halloween Treasure, by Kenneth Cassidy Tyner
rotoNature, by Edward Morin and his students
What Stays, by Danet Grabbe
Deep love, by Mykyta Lyskov
Pao Pae, by Bruno Quast
Bird Breakfast, by Owen Roberts
Swimming Through Cubic Gates, by Wenli Fei
Desire on the Surface of the Skin, by Sunny Stanila

6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
Human Bodies & Human Conditions

Venus in Aquarius. Chapter II: Ana, by David Silva
Here, by Robert-Jonathan Koeyers
The Magic Trick, by Joe Carabeo
The Spirit Of The Forest, by Xiaohong Zhang, Bill Miller, Jeff Herriott & Ying Xu
Memorabilia, by Tanja Balac
Her name was, by Helena Dalemans
LIE (v.2019_1080), by Carla Knopp
ROXY LOVE CHILD, by Jennifer Sabel & Benjamin Kramme
Shoka, by Junting Zhou
All Good Memes go to Heaven, by Matthew Williamson

8:00 - 8:30
Awards Ceremony

8:30 PM - 10:00 PM
Spirits and Ghosts

Fox Spirit, by Min Ding
Quiver, by Shayna Connelly
Ghost and Paranormal Evidence Detectives (G.A.P.E.D.), by Sean Laishley
NEMOPHELIA, by Mirjam Dahl Pedersen
Black Dog, by Joshua Tuthill
The Ghost Behind, by Caroline Rumley
Film digitalia, this intimate hard drive, No. 4, by Matt Whitman
Ephemera, by Ryan O'Hare

10:15 PM - 11:45 PM
Experimental, Extrasensorial and Abstract

1536 Units, by Jan Rehwinkel
Buscando la luz / Caminos de luz, by Rrose Present
XCTRY, by Bill Brown
GETaLIFE, by Scott Turri
Cosmos Obscura, by Katherine Balsley & Irina Escalante Chernova
Wind Above Thunder, by Susan DeLeo
WILDFIRE in PARADISE - Fairee News 01, by Liliana
Snowflakes, by John Meza
Song for the Fate of Animals, by Tommy Becker
The Stream VIII, by Hiroya Sakurai
The Inner Essence, by Taehee Kim
Fake Believe, by Ryan Schmal Murray
The Great Dragon Consumes All, by Jason Bernagozzi
The Hearing of the Eye, by Alessia Cecchet
big things have small beginnings, by Christopher Thompson
Far Fa Loo, by Luis Grane
Fugue (hope is the thing with feathers….emily dickinson), by Nance Davies
Unfold, by John Graham
African Film School, by by Roger Horn
prime perfect 2, by Tom Bessoir

Video Projections

The following selection of films and videos will run on a continuous loop over the 2-day period of the festival.

Blackwater Room
Friday 7:00 PM - 12:00 AM and Saturday 6:00 PM - 12:00 AM

All In, by Kerry Skarbakka
KKK X KKK, by Courtney Geiger

Shenandoah Room
Friday 7:00 PM - 12:00 AM and Saturday 12:00 PM - 12:00 AM

Letter from The Gone World, by Lydia Moyer
Fallout Dogs, by Julia Oldham
The romance of autonomous coordinated entities, by Kassandra Spence